Apr. 10: Scrapper

Wednesday, Apr. 10, 2024
7 pm @ Galaxy Cinemas, Sault Ste. Marie, ON

Director: Charlotte Regan
United Kingdom 2023
English; 84 minutes

Resourceful and smart, 12-year-old Georgie (Lola Campbell) is living alone after her mother unexpectedly dies, but with her best friend Ali (Alin Uzun), she convinces those around her that all is fine at home. That is, until a bleached-blonde, track-suited young man (Harris Dickinson) appears, claiming to be her father. Newcomer Campbell naturally crackles with the oft-improvised dialogue and Regan masterfully navigates this surprising and effervescent take on the father–daughter dynamic with poignancy, humour, and tenderness.

Watching these two mutually suspicious strangers stumble toward forming a family makes Scrapper an invigorating treat, like finding wild flowers bursting out of broken pavement.
Kyle Smith, Wall Street Journal

Campbell is a revelation. This is her first movie role, and her performance is flawless.
Odie Henderson, Boston Globe

Delicately dancing the knife edge between too-cute and over-maudlin, the filmmaker and her terrific actors have given viewers that rarity in cinema: uplift without the dreary moralizing.
Ann Hornaday, Washington Post