Nov. 8: Transit

Thursday, Nov. 8, 2018
7 pm @ Galaxy Cinemas, Sault Ste. Marie, ON

Director: Christian Petzold
Germany/France; 2018
German/French/French Sign Language with English subtitles;
101 minutes
Rating: PG

As Georg (Franz Rogowski) flees Paris for Marseille on the eve of the Germans’ occupation of the city, he carries another man’s
personal effects in his bag, including papers guaranteeing a Mexican visa and two love letters. In the throng of refugees seeking visas and passage out of Marseille, Georg meets and falls in love with Marie (Paula Beer). As the story launches into a tangled matrix that
crosses parallel worlds and multiple timelines, Petzold challenges viewers to question the landscape of past and present. One of the most daring pieces of filmmaking to date, Transit is an arthouse gem that rewards the attention it demands.

With Transit, director Christian Petzold creates a Second World War
adventure that is not a sentimental costume drama, and a contemporary political parable that is not a didactic sermon – and produces a highly
entertaining film into the bargain.
Kate Taylor, Globe and Mail

Christian Petzold’s progressive drift away from realism gathers pace in Transit, another melodrama of impossibility and despair that unfolds in a hyper-constructed amalgam of past and present as unstable as it is seamless. James Lattimer, Cinema Scope

Transit … ought to make a star of superb leading man Franz Rogowski, whose planed, haunted face lingers in the mind as long as the film’s
surfeit of discussion points.
Guy Lodge, Variety