Mar. 12: Antigone

Thursday, March 12, 2020
7 pm @ Galaxy Cinemas, Sault Ste. Marie, ON

Director: Sophie Deraspe
Canada 2019
French; 109 minutes
Rated: 14A

Following the murder of her parents, Antigone (Nahéma Ricci),
her sister, two brothers, and grandmother find refuge in Montreal.
A straight-A student and model citizen, Antigone seems destined for success, but her life takes an unexpected turn when her brothers run into trouble with the police. Motivated by her duty to her family and her sense of justice, Antigone sets onto a path that puts her at odds with the authorities. Loosely based on Sophocles’ Greek
tragedy, Antigone explores sacrifice, responsibility, and the nature
of justice with exceptional depth and nuance.

Philosophically compelling and emotionally devastating, Deraspe crafts
a unique and contemporary cinematic experience that resonates deeply.
Justine Smith, Globe and Mail

A contemporary spin on the Greek tragedy that feels refreshingly
liberated by the spirit of Sophocles’ original material, rather than
slavishly devoted to its letter.
Jessica Kiang, Variety

The film is an incisive critique of the power imbal­ance between citizens and immigrants and the hypocrisy of an unjust justice system. It jolts the viewer out of complacency. Kelsey Adams, NOW Magazine