Wednesday, Nov. 8 @ 7 pm / Galaxy Cinemas / Sault Ste. Marie, ON

Directors: Martin Butler and Bentley Dean
Australia/Vanuatu 2016
Nauvhal with English subtitles / 100 minutes
Rating: PG-13

A young girl (Marie Wawa) from one of the last traditional tribes in the South Pacific is in love with her chief’s grandson (Mungau Dain), but when a violent intertribal war escalates, she unknowingly
becomes betrothed as part of a peace deal. The young lovers run away, but are forced to choose between their relationship and peace for their small Vanuatu tribe. A modern retelling of Romeo and
Juliet, Tanna is lush with meditative and artistically captured
landscapes and magnetic performances by the young couple.

The scenery throughout is elemental in force: sparkling lava, lapping waves, volcanic dust and gnarled kava roots create an almost mystical
Barbara VanDenburgh, Arizona Republic

The movie is a tremendous accomplishment, especially considering that the cast had never seen cameras before – much less movies – yet still agreed to star in the drama. Stephanie Merry, Washington Post

You will be surprised at the effectiveness of the drama, of the convincing story of forbidden love between two young people and how it plays out in this kind of closed culture. Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times