Hrútar / Rams

Thursday April 7 @ 7:00 pm / GALAXY CINEMAS / Sault Ste. Marie

Director: Grímur Hákonarson
Iceland 2015
Icelandic with English subtitles / 93 minutes

Neighbouring farmers, Gummi (Sigurdur Sigurjónsson) and Kiddi (Theodór Júlíusson) have not spoken to one another in forty years. After once again losing the valley’s annual competition for best ram to Kiddi, the stern and solitary Gummi begins to notice symptoms of a lethal and highly contagious disease in his neighbour’s flock. As
authorities arrive and decree drastic measures, the two men resist this incursion, each in his own way. Driven by the stellar
performances of its two leads, Rams masterfully mixes comedy and heartbreak in its portrait of an ancient and endangered way of life.

My Internship In Canada / Guibord s’en va-t-en guerre

Thursday Mar. 31 @ 7:00 pm / GALAXY CINEMAS / Sault Ste. Marie

Director: Philippe Falardeau
Canada 2015
French, English, and Creole with English subtitles / 108 minutes

A minority government trying to pass a bill to go to war suffers a
setback when one of their MPs falls ill – leaving the key vote in the
hands of independent MP Steve Guibord (Patrick Huard). Subjected
to a tug of war at home between his wife (Suzanne Clément) and daughter (Clémence Dufresne-Deslières), and beset on all sides, Guibord is unable to decide. Salvation arrives in the form of his bright new intern Souverain (Irdens Exantus), a student from Haiti. A satirical look at Canadian politics, My Internship in Canada is a
witty and incisive portrait of wheeling and dealing in Ottawa.